How do we get an ad on TV?

When we made our first commercial for broadcast television, it was a baptism of fire to learn how the system worked while working towards a tight deadline on a live project.


We’ve got it down to a science now so it’s no problem for us to carry you through the process. We know what the powers that be want to see and, more importantly, what they don’t want to see. For example we’re working on a commercial for a theme park and we know that we’re not allowed to show children on their own; they need to be in the company of a “responsible adult”. This means we won’t waste your pre-production budget coming up with ideas or storyboards which won’t get approval.


// about clearcast //

Clearcast is the portal through which agencies have to submit their intended TV ads. They check that claims being made by the brand are substantiated and that everything is appropriate for the intended audience. For instance, if the general public weren’t actually allowed to walk on the glass floor at the Spinnaker tower in this ad, we wouldn’t be able to show our actors doing this because that would be false advertising.


So one more big deal was getting the piece signed off by Clearcast at each different stage and providing AdStream with the video files in each channel’s own individual technical requirements. If these things don’t happen on time, the client loses money and possibly their advertising slot so it’s definitely a benefit that we already have a relationship with the agencies required in order to get a TV commercial…well…on the TV!

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