Video for Travel Companies // Wightlink Ferries

Video for Travel Companies // Wightlink Ferries

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With high quality video production, travel companies can tell emotive stories about the locations they travel to.


At this time when people are being more careful about spending, holidays closer to home are growing in popularity. There are a variety of amazing options just outside your doorstep which we in the UK may take for granted. Or have not even considered an option!


Case in point: the Isle of Wight. We traveled the island extensively in the course of filming this commercial for Wightlink Ferries and were so pleasantly surprised at the beautiful places, people the things to be found there. There’s a real ambiance of kicked-back island life that makes it an excellent place for a short UK getaway.



This video is a commercial we made for Wightlink Ferries in partnership with the agency Precision Creative and Media. We made three commercials for them: one about families, one for the 55+ demographic, one for adventure seekers and one compilation video drawing on footage from the other three (which you’re viewing here).


// IN USE //

The client is using this content extensively across their website and social media platforms. Additionally, we included still photography in these jobs so there are accompanying visual pieces which can be used across the company’s online and offline media. You can see the stills and videos in action here on Wightlink Ferrys’ Room to Breathe campaign microsite.


Camera work and editing by Global Fire Productions.

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