Xerox Video Series

It’s so very exciting to see Xerox now using the recent video series we made for them. In the series of three live action pieces, we introduce “Claire” and show how Xerox products and office solutions make her hectic job easier.


We made the series in close partnership with Marketing Fusion.


In addition to the three main pieces, we also cut them down into many short Vines for use on various social media outlets and provided a stock of matching stills.


// fun facts //


Mark directs actors

Our actress Lisa acted opposite Maggie Gyllenhal in The Honourable Woman.


We also recorded Claire’s voice in Italian, German, French and Spanish so the series could be used in those European markets.


We set up the office from scratch in a hired board room.


// in use //


Xerox is using videos on their global Facebook page. You can see one the posts here. As of writing this post, it’s had 38k views. They are using two of the pieces on their website here (the top two videos).


// crew //


  • Concept // Marketing Fusion
  • Producer // Elizabeth Halford
  • Director // Mark Rose
  • Director of Photography + Key Camera // Craig Johnson
  • Set Design // Ross Gill
  • Music // Ross Gill
  • Sound design // Josh Eaves
  • Hair + Makeup // Annabel Hornsby
  • Additional crew // Fraser Hughes, Sascha Tucker



Summer 2015


October 28, 2015


Audio, Video Production