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“I’ve worked with Global Fire on several projects over the years and have found their work to be of the highest quality. Punctual, friendly, efficient and available at short notice, I hope to continue my working relationship with the team for many years.”

Anthony Snow, Comms Learning, Vodafone


Stills campaign for recruitment


As with Vodafone Group, we are a heavily integrated part of the day to day operations for the company. Our video production company produces everything from internal videos to coverage of VIP visits to their HQ in Newbury to coverage of conferences and events all around Europe.


We are integrated into many different sections of the business:


  • Executive Committee (CEO, etc)
  • Internal Comms
  • Brand
  • Employee Brand
  • HR
  • Recruitment
  • Learning & Development
  • Technology
  • Retail


Below we have a couple of examples of jobs we have done for Vodafone UK…


// Stock Music //


We spent 400 hours creating a stock music bank of 20 songs (each with 4 variations) which employees could use for their video projects.


// Rebranding the CEO //


Filming with CEO Jeroen Hoencamp

Filming with CEO Jeroen Hoencamp

Objective // New CEO Jeroen Hoencaamp desired a way to communicate with the company, excite the people and brand himself as an approachable leader.


Response // In collaboration with the internal comms team, we executed a year of episodes for what came to be known as JTV (Jeroen TV). The first year, this came in the form of a sit-down talk show panel style update with employees raising their issues and asking questions for discussion with their CEO. We took the creative lead and filmed Jeroen in different locations each month, followed him to store openings, filmed him in call centres and even covered him climbing a tower mast. Now in its second year, we have evolved JTV into a monthly series of bite-sized topical videos which are viewed on their internal portal inline with relevant text and imagery.


// Keeping up with Changes //


Objective // With the new launch of quadplay services (TV, broadband, mobile, and fixed-line phone) it became apparent to internal comms that the whole company needed to understand how this shift meant the evolution from Telecomms company into that of a media company.


Response // In only a few weeks, we launched a team of screenwriters, storyboarders, producers directors and professional actors to produce a big-budget live-action piece to bring to life the effort which went into launching the company’s new direction and to do it with humour and style. In our travels around the company’s sites, we have seen this piece being used in a variety of ways and locations nationwide.


// Storytelling to Inspire //


Elizabeth takes photos for the new recruitment campaign.

Objective // HR, Employee Brand and Recruitment teams required a solution to enabling shining stars in the company to share their stories in an effort to excite possible recruits.


Response // We collaborated on a concept for storytelling pieces in both photography and live-action and then worked to bring these ideas to life. The final products are being used externally (Vodafone jobs site, LinkedIn, live events) to recruit new starters.  The print posters incorporate augmented reality to turn them into videos on users’ mobile devices.




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November 4, 2015


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