Vodafone UK // Live Event

In summer 2015, a contact at Vodafone got in touch with a problem: They needed to facilitate a live event to be streamed both ways between their HQ and location in Manchester, but the usual way of doing this wasn’t possible and their events team were short on answers.


Within 48 hours, we found all the answers they needed but then we got an unexpected hitch: the directors decided to move the event to a non Vodafone site. The client, frustrated and feeling like this would be impossible, told us that streaming wouldn’t be in the cards for the event.


We worked hard to find the solution and in the end, the event went without a hitch.


Better yet, because we invested time finding out what resources they already had available, we accomplished this using their own resources. Because other agencies wanted to bring all their own tools in, we accomplished at 50% the cost quoted by other agencies.


Vodafone UK




November 4, 2015