Vodafone Group

Global Fire Creative are an absolute pleasure to work with. They have a sound, in-depth knowledge of this industry and complete the requested work in a professional manner. -Michael Stanton-Jones, Global Product Manager, Vodafone Group


For Vodafone Group, we are a heavily integrated part of the company. Our work for this global company is a continuous part of our daily business. We work with top level members of the business to take their ideas and help them communicate these through Powerpoint, live video presentations, both traditional and interactive video content to support their teams, investors and the wider tech community.


Below¬†we have a couple examples of jobs we have done for Vodafone Group…


// Supporting Security //


Objective // The Head of Security needed to execute a presentation in order that the security budget be expanded.


Response // We met with him on multiple occasions to work through his words, his thoughts and desires to craft an engaging animated presentation for to utilise in making his case to the board.


// Exciting Graduates //


Objective // An employee brand manager approached us with a problem. They had commissioned a production company to make a live action piece to support their global search for talented graduates. The product which was delivered was a disappointment and they needed a team who could rescue the mission.


Response // We took the lead by first acquiring all of the raw green screen footage and set about a process of choosing the footage which better told the story Vodafone were wanting to tell to the world about how exciting it is to work in their graduate scheme. We created an entirely different look in line with the brand and created a piece which made the client so happy that we will now be the agency who makes these pieces in the future. See the video here.


Vodafone Group




November 1, 2015


Audio, Photography, Video Production