Vodafone Group Graduate Scheme // Using Video Inspire Action

“Time and time again, Global Fire have created excellent results that I’m proud to share.” -Adam S., Employer Branding and Social Media Lead, Vodafone Group


When a company wants to draw new talent and inspire a fresh community to pay attention, how can they accomplish this?


// The Challenge //


Vodafone Group are one of our more regular clients and so when they were in the process of making this video, they called us in for help.  Having used another agency for this piece, the first cut of this project wasn’t what they had envisioned and so we jumped in to get the ball rolling on a tight deadline


// The Response //


We took the lead by first acquiring all of the raw green screen footage and set about a process of choosing the footage which better told the story Vodafone were wanting to tell to the world about how exciting it is to work in their graduate scheme. We created an entirely different look to bring the piece in line with the brand.


// In Use //


Vodafone Group are using this film at job fairs and on their social streams.


Vodafone Group




October 31, 2015


Audio, Video Production