Vodafone Corporate Film // Quadplay

Vodafone Corporate Film // Quadplay

This video is a platinum winner of the AVA digital award in the informational category

With Vodafone’s launch into the quadplay space (TV, broadband, mobile and fixed-line phone) it became apparent to internal comms that the whole company needed to understand how this shift meant the evolution from Telecomms company into that of a media company. Global Fire was called in to help communicate with all parts of the company to tell them the story of everything which had been going on behind the scenes to facilitate this shift.


In only a few weeks, we launched a team of screenwriters, storyboarders, producers, directors and professional actors to produce a big-budget live-action piece to bring to life the effort which went into launching the company’s new direction and to do it with humour and style. In our travels around the company’s sites, we have seen this piece being used in a variety of ways and locations nationwide and it drove excellent engagement on the Vodafone internal social media platform.


Vodafone UK


Spring 2015


February 14, 2017


Audio, Video Production