Rowe Farming Daffodils

“Global Fire worked tirelessly on a relatively small film, leading immediately to a bigger project which they delivered with enthusiasm and energy. With a unique mix of creative, journalistic and a commercial experience, they’ve delivered work which has had a big impact with our customers and internal teams.” -Leon Mundey, Head of Marketing, Greenvale


As storytellers, we understand the importance of looking at your needs, your projects and your ideas as opportunities to tell your clients stories about your organisation and show them how you can make their lives better. Case in point, Greenvale AP. We’ve completed two projects for Greenvale AP. One film was about their potato farming company, GreenVale Potatoes. The second was for one of their group companies, Rowe Farming. GreenVale Potatoes are available at Tesco stores, Booths and Ocado so they required videos that would reach into those competitive markets, tell their story with impact and lead to sales.Although we can’t show you the first project because it was an internal video for the sales team, we proudly show you the second one above. This is a promotional piece to tell a story about Rowe Farming’s daffodil farm.


In addition to video we have also produced a stunning set of stills to show their beautiful product and the teams of people who support the daily life of the company.


Rowe Farming


Summer 2014


October 2, 2015


Audio, Video Production