Rocky Mountain Coffee

// The Client //

Rocky Mountain Cafe is the largest coffee production company in the Philippines. Their practices are organic and they have developed a fair trade system with their farmers which is like no other in the industry.

// The Objective //

Rocky Mountain Cafe approached Global Fire with a brief to produce a series of videos to help them in developing their business. The videos were to be used to meet different objectives. For example:


  • To attract investors and generate funding.
  • To communicate with partners including government, corporate and other organisations directly or indirectly involved in the work they were doing to build support and backing.
  • To generate a tool to be used by sales teams when pitching for new corporate clients including restaurants like McDonalds and hotels like the Shangri-La.


// The Response //

Global Fire moved a team to the Philippines for three months to fulfil this large need and we produced a large series of films to meet the above objectives. We remain a close partner of the company and regularly send crews to film and shoot stills for new projects.

// The Result //

We have testimony from Rocky Mountain that the films have had a significant influence on attracting investors and for opening doors with local government as well as bridging gaps between tribes and commerce.

Rocky Mountain Cafe Palawan from Global Fire Creative on Vimeo.


Rocky Mountain Cafe




November 1, 2015


Aerial, Animation, Audio, Video Production