Portsmouth Big Recycle

With high quality video production, government councils can activate their communities to participate in campaigns and initiatives.

Case in point: Portsmouth City Council and the Big Recycle campaign.




Even though lots of residents participate in recycling, Portsmouth currently only recycles 23% of its household waste – one of the lowest rates in the country – so we could all do a bit better.


If we can boost our recycling to at least 30% we could generate around £150,000 more a year, which helps protect other council services.


The BIG Recycle aims to encourage all of us to recycle more of the right things. It has launched with an incentive scheme which is aimed at raising awareness about recycling, educating on what can and can’t be recycled and motivating residents to recycle all they can.


// IN USE //


The client is using this video in schools across Portsmouth to help teach kids about recycling. They’re also hosting it on YouTube and the Portsmouth City Council Facebook page. Learn more about the initiative at bigrecycle.portsmouth.gov.uk


Portsmouth City Council




October 1, 2015


Video Production