No, You Don’t (official music video)

No, You Don’t (official music video)

Broken Dollars are a new up and coming band from the UK. Having recorded their debut album at Global Fire Studios with producer Harun Kotch, it was a natural evolution to work together on their first official music video.

The band allowed us great freedom during the creative process. It was clear from the start that both the team at Global Fire Creative and the band had a similar vision in regard to look and feel and overall concept.

Our vision from the outset was to create a fast-moving, highly stylised, engaging music video which matched the feel of the track.

// The Technical Aspects //  

We chose to shoot everything at our in house green screen to give us maximum flexibility in post, similarly, we shot everything in 4K to allow us to scale the footage in post. While this was beneficial in post, it did require a substantial amount of time in keying the green out of the footage and then exporting the keyed footage as both an uncompressed Pro-res files and also lower-resolution proxy versions. These lower-resolution proxy versions proved to be invaluable during the editing process, reducing the overall amount of data our macs had to process every second down to a quarter of the original 4K uncompressed footage. This enabled us to be able to playback the footage in real-time and freed us to be creative whilst trying out complicated camera moves, not worrying about playback render issues.

We decided to go with a high contrast black and white grade, occasionally introducing a vivid red to highlight key lyrics throughout the track. This gave the whole video a striking look and feel, similar to that of a commercial.

It’s always a pleasure working with these guys, it makes our job a whole lot more enjoyable when we get the opportunity to work with such great music.

// Broken Dollars – Post Production // 

     Desired outcome

  • A highly stylised, energetic, engaging music video to match the feel of the track.


  • File size of the 4K footage (scaling footage in post) – creating proxies for editing then replacing with original 4K footage.
  • Keying the footage – exporting keyed footage as uncompressed Prores 4444.


  • Global Fire Creative Greenscreen Studio
  • Shot on Sony FS7 & Attomos Recorder in 4k


  • Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects & Cinema 4D
  • Keyed Black and white footage with vivid red overlays

April 3, 2019


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