Bespoke Music Production

Bespoke Music Production

If you’ve ever had a video deleted from YouTube just because there was music playing in the background, you’ll know how strictly protected music can be. And so it should be. There are two ways to approach music for your video projects: you can pay to license songs or we can make it for you.

Licensing music for a private video like internal pieces for corporates or for your wedding photos slideshow can be quite affordable, but sometimes more meaty projects, especially ones which will be used publicly or on broadcast media, can come with costs which are prohibitive. In these cases, we make music for you.

For example, this piece we made for Vodafone Group…the song we desired to use was going to cost £13,000 to license for just one year. And for a fraction of the cost, we were able to compose and deliver the final project with bespoke music.


March 5, 2019


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