JOB TITLE: Administrator // Officer Manager // Finance Assistant


  JOB TITLE: Administrator // Officer Manager // Finance Assistant RESPONSIBLE TO: Manager RESPONSIBLE FOR: Duties as detailed below PURPOSE OF JOB: Provide efficient administrative, finance and business support for the management and wider team in the studio. SALARY: £18000+ per annum Global Fire Creative is a full service creative agency...

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BVE Video Production Hacks

Production hacks :: Saving on your music budgets by going in-house (a talk at BVE)

We were honoured to be asked to speak in the Production Theatre at BVE London 2017 (Britain's largest broadcast and media event). The description of this talk on their website was "In-house music production is much more achievable than you think! How can bringing it...

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Feed Your Sneezers

Who first told you about that new independent coffee shop in town, introduced you to your new favourite app or got you to binge watch Stranger Things in a single weekend? That person is a sneezer. p The sneezer, as defined by ubermarketer Seth Godin: "Sneezers are...

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