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BVE Video Production Hacks

Production hacks :: Saving on your music budgets by going in-house (a talk at BVE)

We were honoured to be asked to speak in the Production Theatre at BVE London 2017 (Britain's largest broadcast and media event). The description of this talk on their website was "In-house music production is much more achievable than you think! How can bringing it...

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Video Production for Tourism // Portsmouth Destination Broadcast Commercial

 // history // Global Fire have a history of succeeding at telling stories in the touristry sector. Like these films we made for Wightlink Ferries.   // the requirement // In early summer 2015, we were approached by Portsmouth City Council to produce a 30" commercial for broadcast TV. The...

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Video Production for City Councils // Recycling Campaign

With high quality video production, government councils can activate their communities to participate in campaigns and initiatives. Case in point: Portsmouth City Council and the Big Recycle campaign. // THE CAMPAIGN // Even though lots of residents participate in recycling, Portsmouth currently only recycles 23% of its household...

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