Is video a creative service or marketing product?

Is video a creative service or marketing product?

So often, video gets put into the category of a creative product which facilitates a marketing objective. We like to think of video as a marketing product supported by a creative team. Why? To lots of small and medium size businesses, creative products are nice-to-haves. And they’re also sometimes hard for the logistical thinking business owner to get their head around. And since “a confused mind says no” what happens? It stays on the back burner.

We think video is most profitable, likely to give you a great return and hit those key performance goals when it’s thought of as a part of your marketing strategy and facilitated by a creative producer. A creative producer will sit at that intersection between creativity and results to create something for you that you’ll sit back and say “wow…I can’t believe I ever thought of that as a nice to have…I don’t know how I lived without this”

Bottom line: your videos should be producing tangible results. And that’s what we’re all about. Check this out to learn more.

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