What is a creative producer?

What is a creative producer?

by Elizabeth Halford, our creative producer

As a creative producer, I sit at the intersection between ideas and doing. So often, you have a strategy team on one side and a creative team on the other and, yes, in the middle is often a client services or account person but they can find themselves caught in the middle between the performance goals of the strategy people and the ideas of the creative team.

You know, it can be a positive thing to allow these teams to flow independently. Those teams don’t need to always be at the same table. Metrics and KPIs and projections and UX…these things can hamper the creatives’ ability to dream.

So I sit at this intersection where I’m a producer who is able to make stuff happen as a producer should…but also I’m able to nurture and guide the creative from its very conception to be something which will hit the targets and speak perfectly to your viewer but always keep the marketing goals in mind. So that the strategy people and the creative people can make beautiful music together.

And as always, get it delivered on time, on brief and on budget.

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